Arthur M.

"In October 2017 I underwent rotator cuff surgery. The procedure was ambulatory and I was released same-day with a supply of oxycodone. Adverse to taking opioids, I used Advil every 4 hours and a topical OTC analgesic.

The pain persisted and was frequently severe. Introduced to Dr. Good's 7.5% Hemp based cream was nothing short of miraculous. With each application I was virtually pain free for up to 6 hours without Advil. A fantastic product! I would recommend it's use without any reservations."

"PainTx allowed me to be able to sleep comfortably throughout the night with out pain!"

"My arthritic hands were crippling me. I could not work in the kitchen. Nothing helped. Not Advil, not Tylenol not even prescriptions. With PainTx I am back in the kitchen!"

"I had a lifetime of athletic injuries. Chronic pain. Could not sleep. I was taking hot showers three times a night. PainTx CBD cream at bedtime and I now sleep all night. Wonderful product!"

     "My lumbar scoliosis and low back pain limited my driving. I had difficulty getting in and out of the car because of back pain. PainTx CBD cream changed my life.  Now I am in and out of the car able to be the best Grandma in the world with no back pain!"

Arthur M.

"After pitching a doubleheader, I developed a sharp, acute and constant shoulder pain that made it difficult to sleep and throw. I applied Paintx cream and within hours the pain was almost completely eliminated!"

"When I started using Paintx cream, it worked immediately. I applied it to my lower back and both legs (thighs and hamstrings) after playing tennis for two hours. It really helped my recovery immensely and I was able to enjoy the rest of my day without icing down for a half-hour and taking ibuprofen. It's truly an amazing product!"


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