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The Lambert Center

for the Study of Medicinal Cannabis & Hemp

—Jefferson University is the first major health sciences university in the United States to provide a comprehensive academic resource for the medicinal application and business of cannabis and hemp in keeping with its nearly 200-year history of innovation in science and medical education. 


—The Lambert Center’s goals are to:


  • Provide expert-developed, unbiased information to clinicians and patients about the medical uses of marijuana, hemp extract, and other cannabinoid-focused therapies.

  • Conduct research and serve as a networking center for multi-center and multi-national research to evaluate and elevate the evidence basis for cannabinoid therapy in multiple medical conditions.

  • Provide best support for the development of entrepreneurial and socially responsible business and clinical approaches within the emerging medical cannabis industry and explore and develop new ways to use hemp in medical, industrial, and consumer products.


The internationally renowned Steering Committee leads the Center's academic programs, and the board of entrepreneurs and thought leaders head the business and social impact focused projects and research.

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